Apple: Battery Cases for iPhone 11 Get Camera Button

Apple: Battery Cases for iPhone 11 Get Camera Button

November 21, 2019 by
Apple has launched a series of battery cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. They're very similar to last year's products, not to mention a larger camera cutout, and are available in the same colors: black, white and pink. Wireless charging is still supported.

One of the innovations of 2019 is a physical button that automatically launches the camera application, even if the iPhone is locked. If you turn the phone horizontally to shoot, the right index finger will lie comfortably next to this button. Hold it in place and you can start recording with the new QuickTake feature available on your latest iPhone.

Apple’s battery-powered smart cases are valued at $129, regardless of the iPhone model. The company says it can increase the battery life of the device by up to 50%. iPhone 11 and 11 Pro already offer quite impressive autonomy. But the battery hood can be useful for long journeys or in situations where you can assume no charging.

11 - Apple: Battery Cases for iPhone 11 Get Camera Button

In addition, these accessories now bring some additional functionality. Double-pressing the power button to quickly launch the camera on Android smartphones has become a natural and indispensable action for many, so it’s nice to see that Apple is trying to provide the same functionality to iPhone owners, albeit for an extra fee.

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