Fake Windows updates result in ransomware download

Fake Windows updates result in ransomware download

November 22, 2019 by PCDailyNews.com
Trustwave specialists working in the field of information security reported the discovery of a large-scale campaign to send spam messages, which are used to download to the PC of victims of encryption under the name of updates for the Windows operating system.

Microsoft never e-mails you when you need to update Windows. Obviously, the new malware campaign is aimed at people who do not know this.

A source tells us that users are being sent messages with the headline “Install the latest update of Microsoft Windows right now” or “Critical update of Microsoft Windows! The email says you need to install important Windows updates that are supposed to be attached to the email as soon as possible. The message does contain an attachment that looks like a JPG image, but is actually an executable .NET file. If you receive a similar email, you don’t need to run the file, as this will have bad consequences.

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The fact is that the file attached to the e-mail is a Cyborg ransomware that will encrypt all user files, block their contents and change the extension to .777. As with other ransomware, the user will be delivered a text file Cyborg_DECRYPT.txt, which contains instructions on how to decrypt the files. It is easy to guess that the user is offered to pay for the decryption, but do not rush to do so, as there is no guarantee that it will help.

Specialists recommend that you be careful with unknown emails that come from strangers and organizations. You should be careful not to open attachments if you are unsure of their origin.

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